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  • POST TIME: 2014/09/10Customs inspection rate of high and low related to those fac
    Since the comprehensive paperless, more and more guests reflect inspection will focus on a particular business unit, but also a continuous inspection. This situation does exist at present, and, in accordance with the customs inspection characteristic...
  • POST TIME: 2014/09/10Ups raised business tariffs by 5.9%
    Ups recently announced that since June 10, in places such as the United States, Canada and Mexico will business tariffs by 5.9%. The non tariff adjustment of contract of carriage of goods is suitable for the down-payment, less-than-one carload freigh...
  • POST TIME: 2014/09/10DHL says it will further intensify investment in the asia-pa
    Recently, DHL said, manufacturing to the trend of the provinces in western China, Vietnam and Indonesia transfer will have an impact on the supply chain logistics. At the same time, the Asian manufacturing origin and continue to enhance the importanc...
  • POST TIME: 2014/09/10DHL update Packstation email reminder to prevent "phish
    Recently, DHL is updating its Packstation mail way, change the original email notification to the mobile phone text messages, to combat phishing attempts to packages and theft of personal data to the customer. DHL company said that since October 29, ...
  • POST TIME: 2014/09/10Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce open "direct purchase
    At noon on March 1, a logistics truck loaded with goods from the xiaoshan airport customs directly into China (hangzhou) cross-border trade e-commerce industrial park. In the industrial park to wait for the customs staff, by coding, after checking va...

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