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Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce open "direct purchase
author:admin  new time:2014-09-10 17:20:22

At noon on March 1, a logistics truck loaded with goods from the xiaoshan airport customs directly into China (hangzhou) cross-border trade e-commerce industrial park. Wait in industrial park of customs officers, by coding, after checking van a batch of goods from the United States on the calcium tablet smoothly through the customs inspection and the commodity inspection, which means that the hangzhou cross-border e-commerce pilot the first batch of "direct purchase and import" successful open, hangzhou cross-border e-commerce formally enter the "2.0". And this is the hangzhou first single "direct purchase and import the goods.

The so-called 2.0 is from "global" to "buy the world"

Opened last year, China (hangzhou) cross-border trade e-commerce industrial park is the first packet to enter international exports export operation and the size of the pilot zone, export business of cross-border garden explore successful international parcel to obtain approval of the state council and the general administration of customs, the customs general administration for packet is based on pilot as hangzhou export standards. And according to industrial park management committee, the import business smoothly (hangzhou) cross-border trade marks China e-commerce industrial park "in" and "out" with the operation mode has been formed, not only "selling" global export formed the national standard mode, "buy" import mode have also been fully launched. With previous pilot in zhengzhou, Shanghai, ningbo and other places of "bonded online" import mode, cross-border trade electronic commerce in China (hangzhou) industrial park to carry out cross-border trade e-commerce "direct purchase and import" model, is to allow domestic consumers and foreign sellers directly face to face, goods sent directly by the overseas. Domestic consumers on the "day international cat" platform to determine after trading, foreign sellers will goods transport in the form of mail, express entry, consumers will enjoy customs including reference when cross-border online shopping personal postal articles prepay taxes, and the traditional express partition quickly put nuclear and realize automatic withholding tax on goods entry and fast customs clearance service and a series of the green channel.

"Buy" time will shorten to 10 days of taxes and fees shall be borne by the merchant

Now "buy" sea has become a new fashion, online shopping and online shopping we care about is two points, one is time, the second is the price. The reporter understands, in cross-border trade e-commerce industrial park to establish "direct purchase and import" mode compared with the traditional overseas online shopping, more in line with traditional Chinese online consumer habits. Day cat international is the nation's first obtained allow individuals to purchase goods all over the world "direct purchase and import" model of cross-border trade electronic trading platform. Customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau of hangzhou, zhejiang hangzhou electronic port inputs such as a large number of scientific research and development and regulatory power, park the imported online, all Chinese interface, transactions in renminbi settlement, pay treasure to pay, each product plain code marks a price, tariffs and logistics costs at a glance, the logistics time, user experience, standardized operation, the good faith system has obvious advantages in aspects and so on, in the day the cat international "overseas direct purchase" items of shopping process is expected to shorten within 10 days. Day international cat mainly locate on the middle and high end clothing, infant supplies, food, sports bags, etc., the taxes and fees will be borne by the merchant. Before that, the park based on electronic port information platform, the business in terms of export has solved the traditional export three problems, to achieve fast customs clearance, tax refund smoothly in the park, regulating the foreign exchange settlement, according to the whole measure its customs clearance cost savings to about 25% of the original. At the same time, the customs, commodity inspection and other related services in the park office, to move into the enterprise to provide convenient and quick customs clearance, tax refund, exchange settlement, and inspection services.

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