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Ups raised business tariffs by 5.9%
author:admin  new time:2014-09-10 17:22:07

Ups recently announced that since June 10, in places such as the United States, Canada and Mexico will business tariffs by 5.9%.


The non tariff adjustment of contract of carriage of goods is suitable for the down-payment, less-than-one carload freight charges, the adjustment of the freight charges and additional fees for vehicle. In the United States, Canada and Mexico, ups year-on-year increase business rates by 5.9% in 2012. On the other hand, fedex charges trucking business in 2012 increased by 6.9%, and announced the 2013 price will also change.


Ups's annual report in 2012, ups freight company revenue grew 3%, to $2.6 billion, although less LCL shipments, but due to high rates of business, its profits also slightly increased.


Ups heavy cargo services include a diverse and vehicle less-than-one carload transport freight. Cargo network in addition to providing special truck transport, combined transport and transport contract solutions, also provide area, interval and long-distance less-than-one carload transport services.

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