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DHL says it will further intensify investment in the asia-pa
author:admin  new time:2014-09-10 17:21:30

Recently, DHL said, manufacturing to the trend of the provinces in western China, Vietnam and Indonesia transfer will have an impact on the supply chain logistics. At the same time, the Asian manufacturing origin and continue to enhance the importance of consumer market. To this, DHL will continue to increase network, infrastructure, and for the asia-pacific region and so on various aspects of investment.


DHL, DHL $175 million investment in Shanghai, has built the largest express transportation hub in Asia. In 2013, DHL and introduces a new wide-body aircraft to strengthening the construction of its network in the asia-pacific region, connected in major markets in Asia, and to provide more routes to the American market.


DHL also increased the investment in the western region of China, in sichuan xindu investment 300 million yuan, the construction set data management, electronic commerce, finance, logistics is the integration of DHL in western logistics operational headquarters and settlement center.


In addition, DHL global freight also will provide its customers with the second connecting Asia and Europe land railway multimodal transport routes, the route is called rong's international rapid rail freight direct trains, every Friday from chengdu, China, across western China through kazakhstan, via DHL in Poland marla s international hub, eventually to the continent.


At present, DHL global forwarding operates daily starting in Shanghai, through the northern Siberia corridor to the depth of the European overland railway multimodal transport service, and through the rong in Western Europe's iron transport corridor from Asia to Europe as a whole can be transit time shorten about eight days, further reduce the cost and carbon dioxide emissions.

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