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DHL update Packstation email reminder to prevent "phish
author:admin  new time:2014-09-10 17:20:58

Recently, DHL is updating its Packstation mail way, change the original email notification to the mobile phone text messages, to combat "phishing" attempt to packages and theft of personal data to the customer.

DHL company said that since October 29, the customer at Germany 2500 self-help parcel service package arrived, only send text messages to customers to remind them. At present, more and more "phishing emails". These emails look almost identical with the DHL information, links the customer to fake DHL website, and then steal their personal information and Packstation password.

Access code from the new system is now popular in the bank on the net, referred to as mobile transaction number (mTAN), not the personal identification number (PIN). DHL said, send to the customer's mobile phone SMS code will let the package delivery services become more friendly.

DHL package (Germany), chief executive of Andrej Busch, said by mobile phone send access code to the customer directly, not only more convenient customer in Packstation pick up my package, also let us to provide clients with a previously only use higher safety level in banking services, in response to a growing number of "phishing" E-mail.

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