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Customs inspection rate of high and low related to those fac
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the shortest time for 3 months, for example: the customs according to the national export data statistical analysis or due to violations of individual enterprises irregularities caused the industry of similar products of export enterprises are affected, even if continuous inspection no problem cannot be revoked. So, once was caused by parameter is set high inspection rate, may a long time continuous inspection rate is high, but as normal, there is no complaint channels, because the customs set of parameters for the product rather than against you the enterprise.

Three reasons: the customs since promoted the paperless customs declaration till now, paperless has reached 100%, almost in all the paperless documents, will probably have a 30-40% of the business will into human review, the rest of the computer directly release almost no one can open check again, and the inspection rate of the general administration of customs to Shanghai a year did not reduce only rise, so, in to human review of documents, means two times three times inspection rate is used to be even higher, and into human review documents may be parameters monitor, may be a high refund products, may be a high risk product, also may be other reasons, and once to human review, can be a very long time and never even turn artificial audit, customs in a limited number of documents, to be completed before regular inspection rate, that for into artificial audit documents, inspection rate is very high.

Close to the real cause of rising inspection rate falls out! Visible, the inspection rate increases with the customs intensify auditing is inseparable. 100% compared with the past, the present basic paperless customs clearance, inspection pertinence is stronger, have been supervised have bigger audit efforts, no matter how customs declaration enterprise qualification, execute the paperless customs clearance, also, as long as it is in a class B and class B grade above are also declare the paperless, really tied with inspection rate is the nature of the goods, and the characteristics of non-enterprise! (class C enterprises and, of course, the following categories must be of polarizer, because the risk is too big), so why get higher rate of correct and objective understanding of the inspection is quite necessary. You kiss, understand these factors above, you will not blindly struggle and complain! JiaCheng suggestion: make an accurate declaration, report is the only way to reduce inspection rate correctly! I wish everyone can declare, safe shipment smoothly!

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