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  • POST TIME: 2014/09/10Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce open "direct purchase
    At noon on March 1, a logistics truck loaded with goods from the xiaoshan airport customs directly into China (hangzhou) cross-border trade e-commerce industrial park. In the industrial park to wait for the customs staff, by coding, after checking va...
  • POST TIME: 2014/09/10China's smart backbone structure disclosed for the first tim
    On May 28th, led by alibaba group and the intime group formed China smart backbone structure disclosed for the first time. Information display, my cat for the company's largest shareholder, tee, (shentong, yuantong, zhongtong, YunDa) and motion group...
  • POST TIME: 2014/09/10Channels on the mainland DHL Venezuela (or) stop customs ser
    Channels on the mainland DHL Venezuela (or) stop tariffs prepaid service notice [2014] no. 73 (guest) word respect of agent, hello! Informed by mainland DHL, Venezuela (or oil) have stopped customs service in advance. Please aware of each agent and t...
  • POST TIME: 2014/09/10The RMB exchange rate volatility hit China civil aviation co
    In the first half of 2014, China airlines' profits totaled 1.36 billion yuan. And in the same period last year, only Air China a belong to shareholders of listed company's net income reached 1.119 billion yuan. China Eastern said that in the first ha...

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