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Enterprise idea
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 Enterprise mission: to create value for customers, provide a platform for the staff, for the enterprise brand success

Mission statement: to provide professional, very hard for customer service;

Build value-added platform and sustainable growth for the employees of space;

Create a sustainable income and good social image for the company,

For the community to achieve harmonious development and the overall ascension.

Corporate values: integrity, honesty and trustworthiness of the character;

Dedicated, serious work style;

Responsibility, responsible spirit;

The atmosphere of harmony, harmony but not sameness

(the phrase "harmony but not Sameness"; not only has the difference of differentcombination of things, unity, coexistence)

Corporate vision: to create the first Jiaxing city international logistics brand in 3 years

Working concept: my job, my happiness

Team concept: not family of family firms

Saving idea: to save is to create benefit

Marketing concept: only help to the client, to achieve self

Service concept: regardless of where is the goods, I always on your side

Implementation of the concept: get results out

Compensation philosophy: embody self value

Promotion concept: fair competition, meritocracy

Yingbin philosophy: smile is our business card

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