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Zhejiang Hua Hui International Freight Agency Co., Ltd, the predecessor is the Shanghai Hua Hui International Freight Co., Ltd. Jiaxing branch. The company is located in Jiaxing City,south of road 1539 business building 15 floor. In 1999 to enter the Jiaxing area.

The company's main business is the international express international aviation andinternational shipping, to strive to provide customers with international logistics "one-stop"service and total solution. The international express delivery to the four major network as the center, the integration of ARAMEX, AAE and other eight international line resources,and strive to use the most reasonable price quickly, accurate, safe transport the goods to the rest of the world; international air transport to Shanghai airport as the center, the integration of Ningbo, Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou and other ports of the BR, GD, CZ,RU Y8, JL, 6U, NW, SQ, AA, EY, FM, such as the Chinese and foreign airlines have perfectresources; global agency network, can provide the export customs declaration, inspection,warehousing, container truck, such as full supply chain customer logistics solutions; marine with COSCO, EMC as the center, to provide from booking drag the card, the entire cabinet,supervision of loading, customs clearance, inspection, warehousing, distribution and otherwhole supply chain logistics solutions.

Hua Hui International to enter the market in Jiaxing more than a decade, the spirit of "customer first, reputation first" principle. The advantage of using a class agent of Hua Hui International four big port, won a good reputation in Jiaxing area. The company ten yearscontract customers reached more than 1700!

"Create value for customers, provide a platform for the staff, for the enterprise brand success" is our corporate mission; "no matter where is the goods, I always on your side!" Is our service concept. In the market becomes more mature, further towards the internationalization of today, enterprises need more and more by reducing the logistics costs, improve logistics efficiency so as to better participate in market competition, we hope that this process can become your best partner and assistant.

Your success means our growth, our growth boosting you stronger!

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