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Xi Jinping met with President of Harvard University Forster
author:admin  new time:2015-03-17 10:15:38
President Xi Jinping welcomed Forster's visit to China, and briefed Forster on the just concluded two sessions of the situation. He stressed that we put forward the "two one hundred year" goal, in order to achieve this goal, China will be a suitable for China's national conditions of the road of sustainable development. Last year I met with President Obama in Beijing a success, further defined the direction of Sino US relations between big countries focus on promoting the construction of new. I will be in September this year toAmerican state visit, may then and beauty from all walks of life to discuss the construction of the Sino US relations between big powers for the new. Cultural exchanges play an active role in the development of Sino US relations, has become an important pillar of bilateralrelations in the new era. Hope that the joint efforts of both sides, the promotion of Sino UScultural exchanges and cooperation continue to deepen, to inject more positive energy tothe development of China US relations.

Xi Jinping pointed out, China has put education in the priority development of strategic position. China attaches great importance to education, science and technology exchanges and cooperation with the United states. Harvard University is a world famous university, withChinese education circles, scientific and technical circles have a long-term relations of cooperation, and achieved very good results. We hope the two countries universitiesincrease exchanges, deepen cooperation, the development of better service to the Sino US relations.

Thank President Xi Jinping Forster meet. She said, the U.S. - China Educational Exchange and cooperation between the two peoples understanding, promoting the development of bilateral relations has played a positive role. Harvard University and China has establishedan important long-term relations of cooperation, is willing to continue to strengthenexchanges and cooperation with China education and scientific circles, contribute to further promote the development of bilateral ties.

Vice Premier Liu Yandong attended the meeting.

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