Hua hui international freight forwarders
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Hua hui international freight forwarders
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Hua hui international freight agency co., LTD. Contact way:
General Manager Office:0086-573-82627770
vice - President:0086-573-82651358
Financial department:0086-573-82627707
Sales department one:0086-573-82627669、82627661
Sales department two:0086-573-82627787、82627660
department of commerce:0086-573-82627776
operation Department:0086-573-82627775
add:Chinese Zhejiang Jiaxing Chengnan Road No. 1539 building 1502-1506 room 

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tel:0086-573-82627770 0086-573-82627776 0086-573-82627775 Address: China zhejiang jiaxing city road venture building, room 1502, 1502-1539
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